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Love, Joy & Growth

Cheeky Charlie Creative Centre was founded in June 2009. It aimed to provide a place for children to learn and express themselves creatively and to think outside the box. In January 2010, the Centre expanded to cater to the needs of the preschooler and thus giving birth to Nurture Spring Kindergarten, with the belief that each child has the right to learn in a cheerful way. Nurture Spring aspires to be an ideal place for every child where knowledge and character are nurtured in a loving and joyful environment.
Nurture Spring provides holistic education, where students not only excel academically but also excel in all the other aspects namely physical development and social development. Our School is committed to provide opportunities and the best learning experiences for children to be independent by boosting their self-confidence and develop compassion for others.Grateful to the trust given by the parents, Nurture Spring expanded and opened its doors to provide Primary education for the first batch in July 2013 to assure the continuity of the values inculcated when they were in kindergarten.
Nurture Spring Kindergarten and Primary School pursue its belief to be a blessing to others. Our School believes that small deeds can bring joy and happiness to others. This shows that the students even at young age can become fruitful members of the community.We recognized the need to build a wholesome relationship with parents to ensure that both the home and the school will support the student to become the best person he or she can be.

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Taman Palem Lestari Blok A10 no 1 Jakarta Indonesia 11730


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